The attack surface has evolved pretty dramatically over the past few years, which can lead to blind spots across some of the most dynamic areas of your network, including cloud and container environments, as well as your web apps. Luckily, tools exist today to eliminate these blind spots.

Consider the cyber vectors across the following:

  • US 24/7 Based Operations Center
  • Microsoft 365 cyber terrorist logins
  • Firewall ingress and egress active monitoring
  • Active Directory / Azure permission change
  • Workstation and Server breach detection

Having multiple tools can lead your team to spend too much time gathering and analyzing security data, with little time left to actually act on it. Plus, these multiple tools increase both your CAPEX and your OPEX, which can negatively impact your bottom line.

Having all the tools you need in a single, unified platform can solve these challenges, as long as the various components are tightly integrated, and they present assets and vulnerabilities from across your network in a unified view — thereby eliminating the manual work required to correlate, deduplicate and analyze the security data from each.

As we move from Shelter in Place to a new revised remote workforce, we find that components of IT cyber security need to be modernized.  Our solution can be implemented in 24 hours and provide a complete echo system of cyber tools with 24/7 US based monitoring when coupled with our customer-based IT competencies.