The Cloud - Move, Adapt, Migrate


With the massive shift to remote work, business data are scattered across devices and platforms. Companies have the need to adapt their file sharing strategies to ensure data protection at any point. There are several strategic options to allow and support remote production similar to the office environment.

Have you considered:

1)         Email

Email is a way of life for all business.  If your current email is hosted at your office or by a third party it may be time to consider migration to a mature reliable platform?  Many times we find that there are additional licensing cost savings that help self-fund the migration cost.

2)         Networks shared drives

Imagine if you could access the network shared drives anywhere you plan to work using the same drive letter.  This flexibility is available today and supports applications that may have reference links to a drive mapping.  This ability comes with advanced collaboration tools such as users having the ability to collaborate on documents in real time with no conflicts.

3)         Data intensive applications

Historically applications that needed to run on the same network as the server can now consider using the cloud. The ability to work remote or to remote to the office and then starting a shadow workstation session are complicated.  We now have engineered several solutions with the ability to run data heavy applications directly from their laptops anywhere they are working the include the home office, job sites or customer offices.

4)         Cloud backups

Many times companies that move systems and services to the cloud leave out the need to backup these services.  With a few simple steps we deliver solutions that not only backup cloud services but also comply with data retention and recovery needs.